Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Decoding the Hidden Dynamics of Teams

Please join me for a one day workshop on:

Decoding the Hidden Dynamics of Teams 

Mar 04, 2016 09:00am - 4:30pm
Event Type: Continuing Education Program
Category: Organizational Leadership 

Kathryn Stanley, PhD and Gillien Todd, MEd, JD, instructors

This unique workshop will provide leaders, teachers, coaches, consultants, HR and organizational development professionals with the tools to work at a much deeper level within groups and systems. Running for the first time in the US, the workshop will introduce participants to the theory of ‘Structural Dynamics’, which deconstructs the hidden dynamics of group interaction and links them to observable behaviors in the room – ultimately creating the opportunity to change stuck patterns of behavior which are not working. The workshop includes the Kantor Baseline Instrument and debrief.

By participating in this program participants will:
  • Discuss Dr. David Kantor’s model of structural dynamics through the use of the Kantor Baseline Instrument
  • Identify and work with typical behavioral tendencies and stuck dynamics
  • Practice a range of ways to change stuck behavior and dynamics
  • Learn to use Structural Dynamics as a powerful way of developing yourself, others and teams
Program Code: SD16
6 CE Credits, $295 includes the Kantor Baseline Instrument
Location: William James College, Newton
Enrollment limited to 20 people.

To register click here.

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